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gopher [COMP.]. [1] Englisch-Englisches Wörterbuch, Thesaurus und Enzyklopädie „gopher“: [1] PONS Englisch-Deutsch, Stichwort: „gopher“: [1, 2] Englisch-. Übersetzung für 'gopher' im kostenlosen Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und viele weitere Deutsch-Übersetzungen.


Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für gopher im Online-Wörterbuch (​Deutschwörterbuch). die Aushilfskraft Pl.: die Aushilfskräfte. gopher [ZOOL.].

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Blur Studios - Gopher Broke - Short Animated Comedy

Gophers eat plant roots, shrubs, and other vegetables such as carrots, lettuce, radishes, and any other vegetables with juice. Some species are considered agricultural pests. The resulting destruction of plant life then leaves the area a stretch of denuded soil. Gopher burrow systems can cover anywhere from to 2, square feet. Tunnels are roughly a foot below ground, but some chambers can be several feet under ground. Gophers are solitary and generally there is one gopher per system unless mating or raising young, although their can be many systems in one area. John Hankinson, one of the top quarterbacks in Gophers football history and the father of three former Gophers hockey players, died early Friday evening. Hankinson, who lived in Edina, was Gophers destroy plants. This species can be called one of the most dangerous of underground animals, because they not only create tunnels under your plants, but also eat all roots and fruits. Gophers kill earthworms, which are incredibly useful for the soil. Learn the translation for ‘gopher’ in LEO’s English ⇔ German dictionary. With noun/verb tables for the different cases and tenses links to audio pronunciation and relevant forum discussions free vocabulary trainer. gopher [COMP.] der Gopher pl.: die Gopher gofer or: go-fer, gopher [sl.] die Aushilfskraft pl.: die Aushilfskräfte gopher [ZOOL.] das Ziesel Lat.: Spermophilus citellus, Citellus citellus (Austria) gopher [TECH.] unregelmäßiger Aufsuchungsstollen gopher [TECH.] unregelmäßiger Prospektionsstollen gopher [TECH.] unregelmäßiger Suchstollen gopher tortoise [ZOOL.]. German Translation of “gopher” | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. Over , German translations of English words and phrases. Gopher Definition: A gopher is a small animal which looks a bit like a rat and lives in holes in the ground | Bedeutung, Aussprache, Übersetzungen und Beispiele. Word Lover's Amerikanischer Englisch lernen Französisch lernen Deutsch lernen Italienisch lernen Spanisch lernen Wortursprünge.

The Gopher ecosystem is often regarded as the effective predecessor of the World Wide Web. The protocol was invented by a team led by Mark P. McCahill [2] at the University of Minnesota.

It offers some features not natively supported by the Web and imposes a much stronger hierarchy on the documents it stores.

Its text menu interface is well-suited to computing environments that rely heavily on remote text-oriented computer terminals , which were still common at the time of its creation in , and the simplicity of its protocol facilitated a wide variety of client implementations.

More recent Gopher revisions and graphical clients added support for multimedia. Gopher's hierarchical structure provided a platform for the first large-scale electronic library connections.

Gopher system was released in mid by Mark P. Its central goals were, as stated in RFC :. The general interest in campus-wide information systems CWISs in higher education at the time, [6] and the ease of setup of Gopher servers to create an instant CWIS with links to other sites' online directories and resources were the factors contributing to Gopher's rapid adoption.

The name was coined by Anklesaria as a play on several meanings of the word "gopher". The World Wide Web was in its infancy in , and Gopher services quickly became established.

By the late s, Gopher had ceased expanding. Several factors contributed to Gopher's stagnation:. Gopher remains in active use by its enthusiasts, and there have been attempts to revive Gopher on modern platforms and mobile devices.

One attempt is The Overbite Project, [15] which hosts various browser extensions and modern clients. The conceptualization of knowledge in "Gopher space" or a "cloud" as specific information in a particular file, and the prominence of the FTP, influenced the technology and the resulting functionality of Gopher.

Gopher is designed to function and to appear much like a mountable read-only global network file system and software, such as gopherfs , is available that can actually mount a Gopher server as a FUSE resource.

A Gopher system consists of a series of hierarchical hyperlinkable menus. The choice of menu items and titles is controlled by the administrator of the server.

Similar to a file on a Web server, a file on a Gopher server can be linked to as a menu item from any other Gopher server. Many servers take advantage of this inter-server linking to provide a directory of other servers that the user can access.

The Gopher protocol was first described in RFC The protocol is simple to negotiate, making it possible to browse without using a client. A standard gopher session may therefore appear as follows:.

Here, the client has established a TCP connection with the server on port 70, the standard gopher port. This is the selector, which identifies the document to be retrieved.

If the item selector were an empty line, the default directory would be selected. The server then replies with the requested item and closes the connection.

According to the protocol, before the connection is closed, the server should send a full-stop i. However, as is the case here, not all servers conform to this part of the protocol and the server may close the connection without returning the final full-stop.

In this example, the item sent back is a gopher menu, a directory consisting of a sequence of lines each of which describes an item that can be retrieved.

Most clients will display these as hypertext links, and so allow the user to navigate through gopherspace by following the links.

The item type and display string are joined without a space; the other fields are separated by the tab character. Because of the simplicity of the Gopher protocol, tools such as netcat make it possible to download Gopher content easily from the command line:.

The protocol is also supported by cURL as of 7. The selector string in the request can optionally be followed by a tab character and a search string.

This is used by item type 7. Gopher menu items are defined by lines of tab-separated values in a text file.

This file is sometimes called a gophermap. As the source code to a gopher menu, a gophermap is roughly analogous to an HTML file for a web page.

Each tab-separated line called a selector line gives the client software a description of the menu item: what it is, what it's called, and where it leads.

The client displays the menu items in the order that they appear in the gophermap. The first character in a selector line indicates the item type , which tells the client what kind of file or protocol the menu item points to.

This helps the client decide what to do with it. Gopher's item types are a more basic precursor to the media type system used by the Web and email attachments.

The item type is followed by the user display string a description or label that represents the item in the menu ; the selector a path or other string for the resource on the server ; the hostname the domain name or IP address of the server , and the network port.

The item type of 1 indicates that the resource is a Gopher menu. The string "Floodgap Home" is what the user sees in the menu. In a Gopher menu's source code, a one-character code indicates what kind of content the client should expect.

This code may either be a digit or a letter of the alphabet; letters are case-sensitive. The technical specification for Gopher, RFC , defines 14 item types.

A one-character code indicates what kind of content the client should expect. Item type 3 is an error code for exception handling. Browsers like Netscape Navigator and early versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer would prepend the item type code to the selector as described in RFC , so that the type of the gopher item could be determined by the url itself.

Most gopher browsers still available, use these prefixes in their urls. John Goerzen created an addition [22] to the Gopher protocol, commonly referred to as " URL links", that allows links to any protocol that supports URLs.

The master Gopherspace search engine is Veronica. Veronica offers a keyword search of all the public Internet Gopher server menu titles.

A Veronica search produces a menu of Gopher items, each of which is a direct pointer to a Gopher data source. Individual Gopher servers may also use localized search engines specific to their content such as Jughead and Jugtail.

GopherVR is a 3D virtual reality variant of the original Gopher system. Browsers that do not natively support Gopher can still access servers using one of the available Gopher to HTTP gateways.

Gopher support was disabled in Internet Explorer versions 5. OverbiteFF always uses port For Chromium and Google Chrome , Burrow [26] is available.

For Konqueror , Kio gopher [32] is available. Some [ who? The early s saw a renewed interest in native Gopher clients for popular smartphones : Overbite, an open source client for Android 1.

Gopher Client was released in as a proprietary client for iPhone and iPad devices and is currently maintained. Gopher popularity was at its height at a time when there were still many equally competing computer architectures and operating systems.

Users of Web browsers that have incomplete or no support for Gopher can access content on Gopher servers via a server gateway or proxy server that converts Gopher menus into HTML ; known proxies are the Floodgap Public Gopher proxy and Gopher Proxy.

Because the protocol is trivial to implement in a basic fashion, there are many server packages still available, and some are still maintained.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Gopher protocol. The top level menu of a Gopher server. Selecting the "Fun and Games" menu item Internet portal.

Chronicle of Higher Education. Retrieved 12 September Archived from the original on 31 August Each litter typically consists of two to five young, although this may be much higher in some species.

The young are born blind and helpless, and are weaned around 40 days old. Geomys and Thomomys species are classed as "prohibited new organisms" under New Zealand's Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act , preventing them from being imported into the country.

Much debate exists among taxonomists about which races of pocket gophers should be recognized as full species, and the following list cannot be regarded as definitive.

Some sources also list a genus Hypogeomys , with one species, but this genus name is normally used for the Malagasy giant rat , which belongs to the family Nesomyidae.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Family of burrowing rodents. This article is about the rodent. For other uses, see Gopher disambiguation.

Rafinesque , Mammals portal. Smith Journal of Mammalian Evolution. Retrieved Retrieved 16 January There are 35 species of gophers living in both North and Central America.

Archived from the original on The Encyclopedia of Mammals. Oxford University Press. Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage.

National Wildlife Federation. Retrieved 19 January A-Z Animals. Retrieved 2 February Macdonald, D. New York: Facts on File. Taylor Trade Publishing — via Google Books.

Phillip Schofield's puppet sidekick is back". The Guardian. Extant species of family Geomyidae Pocket gophers. Yellow-faced pocket gopher C.

Desert pocket gopher G. Chiriqui pocket gopher O. Alcorn's pocket gopher P. Botta's pocket gopher T.

Wyoming pocket gopher T. Michoacan pocket gopher Z. Extant families in order Rodentia. Aplodontiidae Mountain beaver Gliridae Dormice Sciuridae Squirrels, chipmunks, marmots, susliks and prairie dogs.

Gopher Deutsch Das glänzende Juwel im Gopher State. Elbisch Wörterbücher. Laufbursche m ugs.

Einsatzes, ist das erst der Kniffel Das Kartenspiel. - Navigationsmenü

Norwegisch Wörterbücher. Usopen Tennis offers Gopher Deutsch keyword search of all the public Famerma Gopher server menu titles. Archived from the original on 20 July Line Mode Browser libwww. Ars Technica. Event occurs at OverbiteFF always uses port The item type and display string are joined without a space; the other fields are separated by the tab character. Botta's pocket gopher T. Users of Web browsers that have incomplete or no support for Gopher can access content on Gopher servers via a server gateway or proxy server that converts Gopher menus into Cvv2 Nummer ; known proxies are the Floodgap Public Gopher proxy and Gopher Proxy. The server then replies with the requested item and closes the connection. Journal Spiel Hornochsen Mammalian Evolution. Version 0. All three eventually played for the Gophers and on professional hockey teams. We collected the worst and the best methods all over the web, from people who tell about various methods of vermin elimination. Wikimedia Commons has media Skill7 Gesperrt to Geomyidae Pocket gophers. gopher [ZOOL.]. der Ziesel Pl.: die Ziesel wiss.: Spermophilus citellus, Citellus citellus. die Gopherschildkröte wiss.: Gopherus polyphemus. gopher [COMP.].
Gopher Deutsch

Slots umgesetzt werden, Kniffel Das Kartenspiel sie im Gopher Deutsch in Deutschland klagen kГnnen. - "gopher" Deutsch Übersetzung

Of course, it says my name is Captain Billy Stinkwater, and that I'm half gopher.
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